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Wall mounted rigs

Wall-Mounted Rigs

Your Rig, Your Design

If you have a limited amount of space for your functional training rigs, or you don’t need the larger, more adaptable floor-mounted rigs, then the customisable wall-mounted rigs are the perfect solution to your needs.


Endless options for sizes and colours

We have more than 10 different sizes for wall-mounted rigs in many optional colours. All wall-mounted rigs are fully customisable and can be integrated with other rig parts.

Made from powerful 70 mm x 70 mm steel uprights and 16 mm bolts, the wall-mounted rig carries our company standards of quality and strength.

This rig, like all of the other rigs in the Custom Gym range, can be rebuilt and adapted using our other rigs and equipment so they can be customised to your needs and changed as your requirements change over time

On the uprights, there are ascending numbered holes, allowing for ease of use when you are training so that you can focus on getting to work faster and more efficiently.

Wall-Mounted Single Rigs

The full dimensions of the wall-mounted single rig are 1200 mm x 1130 mm and stands at 2560 mm tall. Whilst this is the smallest of the functional training rigs, it is still highly adaptable and strong, allowing you to concentrate on your training needs and not the equipment.

With the single wall-mounted rig, you have space for 3 pull-up stations or 2 pull-up stations and a squat station. As with all of the Custom Gym products, however, this rig can be rebuilt and extended using our other rigs and equipment.

Wall-Mounted Double Rigs

Following our company design philosophy of quality and strength, the wall-mounted double rigs are also made of the same 70 mm steel uprights and utilise 16 mm bolts. The larger of the two rigs, this setup allows for further extension and options to suit your gym equipment needs.

The rig is manufactured in sizes from 3070 mm x 1130 to 10.200 mm x 1940 mm and stands at 2560 mm tall. This allows for many combinations of pull-up and squat stations.

Full Customisation

To help you realise your design needs and to create a fully customised setup, we offer a 3D drawing of your finished product to allow you to visualise your design in your gym space. As well as this, we are able to offer full colour rigs using the RAL colour chart, meaning your wall-mounted custom rig can be as unique as you are. We also offer outdoor hot dip-galvanised rigs to suit your external training needs.

With our custom training rigs, you have complete control and flexibility over the design and the use of the equipment as well as the colour and style. With a range of accessories, including safety spotter arms, for example, you have even more customising options. All of our rigs can be rebuilt and expanded with other rigs and kits from the Custom Gym range.

The high quality steel material used in our custom functional training rigs means that your equipment is able to be easily moved, rebuilt and expanded as your needs change and grow. You can modify the location of your rig as well as the scale simply and effectively.


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