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Smith Rack


The MM Custom Smith Rack add-on is a special product devel- oped by MM Custom Gym. Expand your normal squat station to a complete Smith Rack station. The Smith Rack is perfect for both technical training and beginners to weightlifting. Rods on both sides helps keeping the bar in place during exercise, giving you the opportunity to primarily focus on your weightlifting technique. Safety arms are attached in the bottom of the Rack to ensure ex- tra safety in case of accidently dropping the bar. 

The Smith Rack features high strength steel rods and housing with both needle bearing for bars rotation and self-cleaning linear bearings for perfect and smooth training. 

Barbell hooks with a special surface treatment and rubber coated pins helps to minimize visual tear. 

Rig Uprights are sold separately. Available with or without barbell. 

Data Sheet: 

Height: 2.400 mm
Width: 1.200 mm
Weight: 90 kg
Depth: 250 mm


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