Floor Plate System

PLATE1280 - PLATE2020

The MM Custom Rig Floor plate system allows you to get a solid Rig, without any bolting to the floor/ground. This Floor plate system is perfect for gyms with expensive flooring or other difficulties, where floor mounting and floor bolting is not an option. The system comes standard in 3 sizes. You can create a 1200x1200 mm, 1200x1800 mm or an 1800x1800 mm oor plate system. We make special connectors and floor plates, if you want to create a floor plate for your entire Rig. Contact us for custom floor plates in different sizes, colors and designs. 

Data Sheet: 

Height: 10 mm
Width: 1.280mm - 2.020 mm
Weight: 27 kg - 45 kg
Depth: 1.280 mm - 2.020 mm


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