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Gym Racks

The Right Rack for Your Needs

With a large number of racks, designed to follow our company ethos of quality and strength, we have the right equipment to suit all of your needs when building your own functional training rigs. Used individually or together with our floor-mounted rigs or wall-mounted rigs, the Custom Gym racks provide excellent quality storage and stability for your equipment.

If you have specific requirements for your racks and equipment, you can contact us to discuss how we can custom-build equipment for you.


Full Range of Racks

We have a number of racks and options available to suit your specific requirements, and all are manufactured by us out of the highest quality materials to ensure that we only provide quality products.

Our squat stands, “The Tower” and “The Giant”, for example, are made from 70 mm x 70 mm tubes and reinforced bases, giving them unbelievable strength and support; we believe they are among the hardiest available on the market today. The Tower is easily adjusted for width during use and is height-adjustable too. The Giant, however, has rear-mounted wheels, allowing it to be easily transported by one person when in use and is also height-adjustable. Both are also supplied with J-hooks for holding barbells. The two designs give you the flexibility to choose the right product for you and your training needs.

Combining Storage and Functionality

The MM Custom Gym Three Post Sled is one example of how we have worked to combine functionality of our equipment with storage solutions, meaning there is more space in your gym for working and extra equipment. The Three Post Sled is made from high quality 70 mm x 70 mm tubes and is fully welded for incredible strength. It has a lower pushing bar and two larger double-welded pipes for either pushing exercises or indeed for plate storage.

Below the lower pushing bar, there is also a high-strength ring incorporated into the design, which is useful for rope attachments. With the strength and durability that this kit provides, you are sure to be working hard for many years to come.

Ensuring Cleanliness and Safety

As well as ensuring quality and strength in all of our functional training rigs and our racks and products, we also believe in safety, and our barbell holder provides just that. “The 9” stores up to 9 individual barbells, minus plates, in an upright position, meaning they are safely stored as well as taking up less horizontal space. The base has a smart but simple design and is of high quality and sturdy construction, meaning that the barbells will stay safely in their holders and won’t tip over.

Bumper Plate Storage

We are passionate at MM Custom Gyms about all of our products and using and maintaining gym equipment well. That is why we have created bumper storage solutions for your bumper plates when they are not in use. Typically, with our focus on customisation and durability, we have a number of options to suit your requirements. The Portable Bumper Plate Storage rack will hold a load of 200 kg on a hard, even floor and is made from our high quality 70 mm steel tubes. It has a wheeled base, allowing it to be easily moved from location to location, meaning there is nowhere in your gym you can’t train.

There is also the Bumper Plate Rack, with the capacity to store a full set of bumpers ranging from 5-25 kg. There are wheels on one side of the rack for movement options with a moveable weight limit of 250 kg.

Flexibility and Customisation

All of our racks and functional training rigs are designed to work together and can be integrated with each other, meaning you really can create a full custom gym with MM Custom Gym to match your exact requirements.


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