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Bespoke Gym Rigs, Designed for You

We are MM Custom Gym, Denmark’s leading manufacturer of military and training equipment.

Our functional training rigs are custom-designed and built in our own workshops to ensure quality and strength. Our strategy is simple: quality and strength. These characteristics are the foundation and ethos on which our company is built. If you need a new setup and are looking to fully customise your rig, then we’re the right company for you.

We provide custom rigs built to your specifications, always with you in mind. We custom-design and manufacture our wall-mounted rigs, floor-mounted rigs, or gym rigs in-house. This means we are able to give a fully customised, bespoke and quality-controlled service to you, our clients.

Custom Rigs for Your Needs

No matter what you are looking for, we have functional training rigs that are the perfect solution for you. We take great pride in our equipment, which is always of the highest quality and strength so that your wall-mounted rig, floor-mounted rig or gym rig is exactly what you need and what you expect.

Our focus on quality and strength means you are guaranteed satisfaction for many years with our gym rigs. The strength means that you can rely on the equipment for all your training needs, and the quality ensures that nothing will fail with the equipment, meaning it is both effective and safe and 100% your own design.

Complete customisation of your rigs

We offer our customers complete custom production. This means that you can design your own unique equipment that fits all of your needs and specifications. Our mission is to not only provide excellent custom rigs, but to provide the very best in customer service too, with professionals who have a great product knowledge and are able to advise and guide you every step of the way.

We offer 3D drawings of your custom designs to help you visualise your setup. We are also proud to be able to fully customise the colour of your training rig and equipment, offering many of the colours in the RAL colour chart as well as outdoor hot-dip galvanised rigs.

With the custom rig parts available to buy individually from the website, you really have full control over your rig and can build it to your own needs and specifications simply by choosing the product that is best for you. With floor and wall-mounting, you can ensure that the rig is safe as well as effective and this versatility gives you even more flexibility in putting together your rig.

As well as the rigs, we also supply racks for free weights and other equipment, meaning you can keep your fully customised theme running throughout your gym, giving you real consistency.

We also offer the accessories that you would expect for your custom functional training rig, including fully customizable storage solutions, monkeybars and spotter arms that works with rigs and racks.



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